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2. 8,215,870 
Systems and methods for protecting subterranean structures
Palmer, Singapore, China, protected subterranean structures by removing at least a portion of earth disposed above a subterranean structure to provide a foundation; depositing an isolation layer above the subterranean structure; and depositing at least a portion of the removed earth, a fill material or both to at least partially cover the isolation layer also containing plastic sheets. (RDC 7/24/2012)

1. 8,215,869 
Reinforced soil arch
VanBuskirk of Terratech Consulting Ltd., California, developed a reinforced soil arch having an archway form, a combination of alternating and interacting layers of compacted mineral soil and geosynthetic reinforcement material placed over and adjacent to the archway form, and a plurality of shear resisting devices secured to the exterior surface of the archway form.  The shear resisting devices cause the archway form and the combination of alternating layers of compacted mineral soil and geosynthetic reinforcement material to act as an integral unit when static or dynamic loads are placed on the reinforced soil arch. Methods for constructing a reinforced soil arch are provided. (RDC 7/24/2012)


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