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From 07/10/2014 through 8/11/2012

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2. 8,277,892 
Process for creating an oxygen scavenging particle
Rollick of Multisorb Technologies, Inc., New York, produced oxygen scavenging particles, consisting of oxidizable metal particles, such as elemental iron; an acidifying electrolyte such as sodium or potassium bisulfate and optionally a water hydrolysable Lewis acid, such as aluminum chloride.  The oxidizable particles are coated  with a first compound and then reacting the first compound with a second compound to form a third compound, wherein the third compound promotes the reaction of the oxidizable particle with oxygen. (RDC 10/8/2012)

1. 8,232,347 
Method of making oxygen-absorbing resin composition
Ishihara et al of Toyo Seikan Kaisha, Ltd., Japan, developed a high-quality oxygen-absorbing resin composition which is obtained without suffering resin scorching. Also provided are pellets for the oxygen-absorbing resin composition which consist of a thermoplastic resin (A) and an oxidation catalyst. After the pellets are mixed with a trigger resin and a thermoplastic resin (C), the trigger resin functions as a trigger to cause the oxidation of the thermoplastic resins (A) and (C) to proceed.  The principlat thermoplastic can be a polyolefin containing ethylene.  The oxidation catalyst is a transition metal catalyst such as iron cobalt and nickel,  The trigger resin is an unsaturated polymer such as polybutadiene or polyisoprene,  (RDC 8/11/2012)


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