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Process for utilising waste drill cuttings in plastics


Methods for crosslinking water soluble polymers for use in well applications


Process for thickening a drilling mud waste materials and a modified drilling mud waste material


Preparation of boron crosslinking agents for fracturing fluids


Swellable material using soy spent flakes


Degradable polymer compositions and uses thereof 


79. 8,579,023 
Composite downhole tool with ratchet locking mechanism 


78. 8,575,082 
Additive to improve flow, reduce power consumption and pressure drop in heavy oil pipelines 

77. 8,573,299 
Non-ionic alkali polymer solutions for enhanced oil recovery in a subterranean formation 


76. 8,469,118 
Drilling fluid containing carbon nanotubes 


75. 8,466,093 
Thermoset nanocomposite particles, processing for their production, and their use in oil and natural gas drilling applications

74. 8,465,668 
Surfactants with a polyethersulfonate structure method for production thereof and use thereof for tertiary crude oil production


73. 8,453,735 
Method and biodegradable water based thinner composition for drilling subterranean boreholes with aqueous based drilling fluid 


72. 8,439,108 
Application of degradable polymers in sand control 


71. 8,418,759 
Fluorinated polymer compositions and methods for treating hydrocarbon-bearing formations using the same 


70. 8,415,278 
Compositions and methods for breaking a viscosity increasing polymer at very low temperature used in downhole well applications 

69. 8,414,775 
Method of using polyvinypolypyrrolidone to remove contaminants from produced water of an oil or gas well 


68. 8,394,464 
Lining of wellbore tubing 

67. 8,393,395 
Use of encapsulated chemical during fracturing 


66. 8,403,063 
Downhole ball mechanism with enhanced drift clearance 


65. 8,383,560 
Method of continuous dissolution of polyacrylamide emulsions for enhanced oil recovery (EOR) 

64. 8,383,559 
Releasable corrosion inhibitors 

63.  8,383,558 
Oilwell sealant compositions comprising alkali swellable latex 

62. 8,383,557 
Dual-functional breaker for hybrid fluids of viscoelastic surfactant and polymer 

61. 8,383,556 
High carrying capacity temperature-stable breakable gel for well drilling, completion, and other uses 

60. 8,383,555 
Well fluid comprising a fluorinated liquid phase 


59. 8,376,045 
Fluid loss additive containing a biodegradable grafted copolymer for a cement composition 


58. 8,372,787 
Electrically and/or magnetically active coated fibres for wellbore operations 

57. 8,372,786 
Polyelectrolyte complexes for oil and gas applications 


56. 8,365,833 
Variable Tg shape memory polyurethane for wellbore devices 


55. 8,356,966 
Mobile oil field rig with air bearing transport 

54. 8,356,679 
Rotary drill bit with gage pads having improved steerability and reduced wear 

53. 8,356,678 
Oil recovery method and apparatus 

52. 8,356,677 
Methods of preloading a sonic drill head and methods of drilling using the same 

51. 8,356,676 
Device for extinguishing fires 

50. 8,356,675 
Apparatus and methods for tubular makeup interlock 

49. 8,356,674 
Tubular running tool and methods of use 

48. 8,356,673 
Down-hole transmitter system, method of inducing a transient electromagnetic field in an earth formation, method of obtaining a transient electromagnetic response signal, and method of producing a hydrocarbon fluid 

47. 8,356,672 
Riser joint coupling 

46. 8,356,671 
Tool with multi-size ball seat having segmented arcuate ball support member 

45. 8,356,670 
Ball seat assembly and method of controlling fluid flow through a hollow body 

44. 8,356,669 
Downhole adjustable inflow control device for use in a subterranean well 

43. 8,356,668 
Variable flow restrictor for use in a subterranean well 

42. 8,356,667 
Liquid crystals for drilling, completion and production fluids 

Wellbore perforation tool 

40. 8,356,665 
Method for recovering heavy/viscous oils from a subterranean formation 

39. 8,356,664 
Wellbore method and apparatus for completion, production and injection 

38. 8,356,663 
Compliant expansion swage 

37. 8,356,662 
Devices, systems and methods relating to down hole operations 

36. 8,356,661 
Combination swivel and ball dropper 

35. 8,356,660 
Apparatus having spaced apart and offset ladder rungs for interlocking and flexibly restraining service loops in an oil derrick to prevent entangling of the loops 

34. 8,356,377 
Reinforced cup for use with a pig or other downhole tool   


33. 8,353,355 
Drill string/annulus sealing with swellable materials 

32. 8,353,354 
Crawler system for an earth boring system 

31. 8,353,353 
Surface controlled subsurface safety valve assembly with primary and secondary valves 

30. 8,353,352 
Switch mechanisms that allow a single power cable to supply electrical power to two or more downhole electrical motors alternatively and methods associated therewith 

29. 8,353,351 
System and method for regulating pressure within a well annulus 

28. 8,353,350 
Subsea test apparatus, assembly and method 

27. 8,353,349 
Retaining and isolating mechanisms for magnets in a magnetic cleaning tool 

26. 8,353,348 
High power umbilicals for subterranean electric drilling machines and remotely operated vehicles 

25. 8,353,347 
Deployment of insulated conductors for treating subsurface formations 

24. 8,353,346 
Prevention, actuation and control of deployment of memory-shape polymer foam-based expandables 

23. 8,353,345 
Geothermal well diversion agent formed from in situ decomposition of carbonyls at high temperature 

22. 8,353,344 
Fiber aggregate 

21. 8,353,343 
Hydrocarbon production process 

20. 8,353,342 
Steam generation for steam assisted oil recovery 

19. 8,353,341 
Well system 

18. 8,353,340 
In situ combustion with multiple staged producers 

17. 8,353,339 
Apparatus for the measuring of fluid levels and pumping of the same 

16. 8,353,338 
Well bore control valve 

15. 8,353,337 
Method for cooling a rotating control head 

14. 3453
Power transmission system for use with downhole equipment 


13. 8,343,897 
Scale inhibiting well treatment 

12. 8,343,896 
Sealant compositions comprising diutan and associated methods 

11. 8,343,895 
Additive to reduce fluid loss for drilling fluids 

10. 8,343,894 
Controlled variable density fluid for wellbore operations 

9. 8,342,251 
Shoe for wellbore lining tubing 

8. 8,342,250 
Methods and apparatus for manipulating and driving casing 

7. 8,342,249 
Offshore drilling system 

6. 8,342,248 
Apparatus for venting an annular space between a liner and a pipeline of a subsea riser 

5. 8,342,247 
Safety valve having mono spring closure mechanism 

4. 8,342,246 
Fracturing systems and methods utilyzing metacritical phase natural gas 

3. 8,342,245 
Multi-position valves for fracturing and sand control and associated completion methods 

2. 8,342,094 
Dissolvable material application in perforating 

1. 8,343,899 
Bearing lubricating oil and bearing 


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