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3. 8,343,407 
Process for overmolding a rigid curved profile 

Seman, Sr. and  Hochstetler of Mercury Plastics, Inc, Ohio and Masco Corporation, Michigan,developed an overmolding process for welding and sealing nonlinear profiles from rigid or semi-rigid polymeric material.  Rigid polymeric materials are melted and overmolded onto an extruded profile, which is received by a mold having a mold cavity and core pin. The mold cavity and core pin have a radial angle of curvature (R.sub.c). In the overmolding process, rigid polymeric material is injected around the core pin and cavity, and the overmolded article is removed from the mold. The core pin is removed from the overmolded article to form a non-linear overmolded.  (RDC 1/9/2013)

2. 8,230,575 
Overmolded circuit board and method
Veentra, Mulder and Fleischmann  of Innotec Corporation, Michigan, developed a circuit board  encapsulated in a thermoplastic polymer material. The device may be fabricated by at least partially shielding the electrical components with polymer material, followed by overmolding the polymer material with thermoplastic polymer material. The shielding material may comprise a pre-formed component, or it may comprise thermoplastic polymer material that is molded around the electrical components in a first molding step or "shot".  (RDC 8/1/2012)

1. 8,192,812 
Overmolded containers and methods of manufacture and use thereof
Shi, Durham and Readdy of The Coca-Cola Company, Georgia, developed overmolded containers for enhanced visual and tactile characteristics, enabling innovative packaging designs, improved grippability and thermal insulation.  The process includes forming a container preform of a thermoplastic polymer, such as a PET copolymer; overmolding an elastomeric material over at least a portion of the preform and blow-molding the overmolded preform to form an overmolded container such as a beverage container. (RDC 6/25/2012)


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