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Oxymethylene polymers, process for the preparation thereof and use thereof
Haubs et al of Ticona, Germany, developed oxymethylene polymers having a bimodal distribution or having a distribution of higher modality and having a targeted content of a low molecular weight fraction of from 1 to 5 percent by mass are described. Moldings of these polymers are distinguished by high low-temperature notched impact strength associated with a high modulus of elasticity. (RDC 6/8/2012)

Oxymethylene copolymers and the use thereof and process for the preparation of oxymethylene copolymers
Haubs et al of Ticona, Germany,developed oxymethylene copolymers having a high proportion of terminal alkyl ether groups and having terminal hydroxyalkylene groups are described. These polymers are distinguished by high thermal stability and high hot water resistance. Furthermore, a process for the preparation of oxymethylene copolymers is described in which the polymerization of at least one monomer forming --CH.sub.2--O-- units is effected in the presence of at least one acetal of formaldehyde and of at least one initiator of cationic polymerization and the initiator of cationic polymerization is used in an amount of less than or equal to 10.sup.-4 mol %, based on the amount of the monomers present at the beginning of the polymerization and forming --CH.sub.2--O-- units, in which starting materials of the polymerization are used such that the content of water and formic acid at the beginning of the polymerization is less than or equal to 40 ppm, and in which the initiator and/or the active polymer chains are deactivated by treatment of the prepared polymer with a base-containing protic solvent. (RDC 5/4/2012)


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