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High viscosity composition
Hoglund and Kryzaniak of Becare Orthopedic Thermal Care, Sweden, developed a high viscosity composition which according to the invention comprises at least one polyoxyethylene-polyoxypropylene-block copolymer (poloxamer) having the structural formula HO(C2H4O)a (C3H6O)b (C2H4O)a H. and having an average molecular weight of above 6000; at least one additional polymer having an average molecular weight of above 150000, and a dispersion medium, comprising at least one freezing point depressing dispersant and at least one freezing point non-depressing dispersant.  The composition is heatable above the body temperature of a mammal and coolable below 0C within a predetermined temperature range. (RDC 5/11/2012)


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