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“Polyacetylene (IUPAC name: polyethyne) is an organic polymer with the repeating unit (C2H2)n. The high electrical conductivity discovered for these polymers led to intense interest in the use of organic compounds in microelectronics (organic electronics). The discovery of the high conductivity of polyacetylene by Hideki Shirakawa, Alan J. Heeger, and Alan G MacDiarmid was recognized by the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2000.

The polymer consists of a long chain of carbon atoms with alternating single and double bonds between them, each with one hydrogen atom.  One distinguishes trans-polyacetylene, with all double bonds in the trans configuration, from cis-polyactylene, with all double bonds in the cis configuration. Each hydrogen atom can be replaced by a functional group.”

(Polyacetylene, Wikipedia, 4/4/2013)


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