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Polyamide compositions with improved salt resistance and heat stability 
Doshi, Mathew and Martens of DuPont, Delaware, developed a polyamide including at least one semi-aromatic copolyamide, said semi-aromatic copolyamide consisting essentially of about 25 to about 55 mole percent repeat units of the formula --C(O)(CH2)mC(O)NHCH2ArCH2NH-- (I) and about 45 to about 75 mole percent repeat units of the formula --C(O)(CH2)mC(O)NH(CH2)nNH-- (II) wherein m is 8, 10, and/or 12, n is 6, 10 and/or 12 and Ar is a meta-substituted benzene ring; and said polyamide has a melting point equal to or less than 225 C.; and 0.1 to 15 wt% of one or more polyhydric alcohols having more than two hydroxyl groups and having a number average molecular weight (M.sub.n) of less than 2000. (RDC 8/11/2012)


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