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Thermoplastic resin composition and molded article thereof
Kumazawa et al of Toray Industries, Japan, developed a thermoplastic material which is excellent in flowability and mechanical properties with low warping, excellent laser transmittance and excellent laser weldability.  The resin is obtained by mixing (B) 0.1 to 4 parts by weight of a polyfunctional compound having three or more functional groups, in which at least one of the terminal structures having the functional groups is a structure containing alkylene oxide units, with (A) 100 parts by weight of a thermoplastic resin, and further provides a molded particle thereof. It is preferred that the (A) thermoplastic resin is one or more selected from a polyester resin and polycarbonate resin (RDC 6/27/2012)

Flameproofed impact-modified polycarbonate compositions
Eckel of Bayer, Germany, developed an impact-modified polycarbonate with a first graft polymer containing silicone/acrylate composite rubber as the graft base, wherein the content of silicone rubber is 65-95 wt. % (based on the graft base), a second graft polymer containing a diene rubber, and phosphorus-containing flameproofing agent.  These materials have an optimum combination of good flameproofing at thin wall thicknesses, good resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis and low melt viscosity. (RDC 5/29/2012)

Polylactic acid/polycarbonate resin composition and molded product using the same
Cho et al of Cheil Industries, South Korea, developed a polylactic acid/polycarbonate resin composition including (A) 100 parts by weight of a mixed resin including: (a1)) 10 to  90 wt % polycarbonate resin and (a2) 10 to 90 wt %  polylactic acid resin; (B) 1 to 50 parts by weight of a flame retardant based on 100 parts by weight of the mixed resin; (C) 1 to 30 parts by weight of an acryl-based copolymer based on 100 parts by weight of the mixed resin; and (D) 1 to 20 parts by weight of an impact-reinforcing agent based on about 100 parts by weight of the mixed resin.(RDC 5/3/2012)

Polycarbonate resin composition, molded polycarbonate resin article, and method for production of the molded polycarbonate resin article
Isozaki, Satou and Tanaka of Idemitsu Kosan, Japan, developed a polycarbonate resin composition which is excellent in mechanical properties, physical properties, optical properties, and flame retardancy, including: a composition formed of an aromatic polycarbonate resin (A) and a glass filler (B) having a difference in refractive index of 0.002 or less from the aromatic polycarbonate resin; glossy particles (C-1) having an average particle diameter of 10 .mu.m or more and less than 50 .mu.m; glossy particles (C-2) having an average particle diameter of 50 to 300 .mu.m; and a silicone compound (D) having a reactive functional group; a polycarbonate resin molded article obtained by molding the polycarbonate resin composition; and a method of producing a polycarbonate resin molded article, involving subjecting the polycarbonate resin composition to injection molding at a mold temperature of C. or higher. (RDC 5/3/2012)


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