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Controlled release materials
Goodson and  Rodrigues of Akzo Nobel N.V., Netherlands, developed polymers whose water solubility may be triggered by changes in pH, salt concentration or surfactant concentration.  The polymer is a copolymer or terpolymer containing from 2 to 60 mole percent of an amine functionality that has been neutralized with a fixed acid.  Specifically films formed from these polymers will be insoluble at a higher pH, but will become soluble at a lower pH.  The polymers are also insoluble at a higher salt concentration, but become soluble at a lower salt concentration. The polymers can be used to coat or encapsulate active ingredients, that are released based on changes in the environment, such as in the rinse cycle of a dishwasher or laundry washing machine  (RDC 6/25/2012)

Immediate release compositions and methods for delivering drug formulations using weak acid ion exchange resins in abnormally high pH environments
Howard and Somma, New Jersey, found that adding a release enhancing agent with a strong affinity for the ionic resin to a weak acid resin drug formulation led to a much more rapid and complete release of a resinated drug can be attained in abnormal gastric fluid than otherwise would occur without the presence of the release enhancing agent in abnormal human gastric fluid wherein the pH is much higher than normal due to the use of drugs such as PPI or the presence of disease states such as H. pylori or atrophic gastritis that can lead to hypochlorhydria and achlorhydria. (RDC 6/6/2012)


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