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Methods of forming an elongated ethylenic foam structure
Cushman of Bay Foam Products, Wisconsin, developed an extruded, low-density, ethylenic polymer foam including from about 86% by volume to about 98% by volume open cells and a continuous, impervious surface skin.  The foam possesses superior compression recovery and lower compression resistance when compared with similarly comprised ethylenic closed-cell foams and superior moisture resistance and handling characteristics when compared to open-cell foams.  The extrusion temperature may be adjusted based on the desired properties of the foam, such as composition, diameter and open-cell content.  Processing conditions during extrusion are controlled such that the resulting foam includes from about 40% by volume open cells to about 80% by volume open cells. Maintaining the proper temperatures is important in forming the desired ratio of open to closed cells and in obtaining an essentially integral surface skin. (RDC 5/24/2012)


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