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2. 8,258,247 
Catalyst component for polymerization of ethylene and process for producing ethylene polymer (2

Kawashima  of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Limited, Japan, developed a catalyst for ethylene polymerization which can produce an ethylene polymer of high molecular weight with only ethyl branches. A catalyst consists of (A): a meso-metallocene compound, component (B): a compound which ionizes a metallocene compound to form an ionic complex, component (C): an organoaluminum compound, and component (D): an electron donating compound.  (RDC 9/22/2012)

1. 8,138,264 
Bimodal polyethylene resins that have high stiffness and high ESCR
Coffy, Guenther and Gray of Fina Technology, Texas  developed a bimodal polyethylene having a high density ranging from about 0.955 to about 0.959 g/cc, an improved environmental stress cracking resistance (ESCR) of from about 400 to about 2500 hours, and an improved 0.4% flexural modulus of from about 180,000 to about 260,000 psi (1,200 MPa to about 1,800 MPa) using a Ziegler-Natta polymerization catalyst using two reactors in series. The bimodal polyethylene may have a high load melt index (HLMI) of from about 2 and about 30 dg/min and may be optionally made with a small amount of alpha-olefinic comonomer in the second reactor. (RDC 5/16/2012)


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