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from 2/25/2013

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Composition of polyketone with high impact strength 

Lee et al of Hyundai, Desco and Hyosung, South Korea, developed a polyketone material consisting of 40 to 90 wt% polyketone, 40 wt% polyamide, and 5 to 20 wt% of modified rubber. This composition greatly improves the impact resistance of polyketone, which has increased heat resistance, chemical resistance, fuel permeation resistance and abrasion resistance  This material may be used in automotive parts including wheel covers, wheel caps, fuel filler necks, fuel tanks, fuel tubes, center fascias, door handles, roof rack covers, gear, junction boxes, connectors and seat backs, electric/electronic parts, and household items wth durability of the parts and competitive costs. (RDC 2/27/2013)


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