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Polylactic Acid Materials (PLA)


 From 05/26/2014 through 8/10/2012
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Polylactic Acid (PLA)

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2. “Among the biodegradable polymers, there is a polylactic acid as a melt-moldable resin. Since polylactic acid exhibits excellent properties such as high thermal-resistance and high strength, it has been studied for various applications such as film, sheet, and textile. To impart impact-resistance and flexibility to the stiff and brittle polylactic acid, a material in which polyolefin is mixed has been widely researched. However, between polylactic acid and polyolefin, there are usually significant difference in refractive index and low compatibility at a time of mixing. As the mixed resin composition is internally separated and forms clear interface, it is difficult to obtain a transparent material.” [Iked and Taniguchi, US Patent 8,304,048(11/6/2012)]

1. Polylactic acid materials are formed by mixing with additves, fillers, reinforcements and other resins. ( RDC 8/13/2013)


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