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Patents with Abstracts

2. 8,188,198 
Method for optimizing energy efficiency in a polymerization process
Van Der Schrick of Total Petrochemicals Research Feluy, Belgium, developed a process for cooling a polymerization reaction for producing polyolefin comprising the steps of: (a) thermally contacting said polymerization reaction with a cooling fluid such that the cooling fluid removes thermal energy from said reaction, (b) thermally contacting said cooling fluid with a working fluid thereby recovering said thermal energy from said cooling fluid in said working fluid, and (c) thermally contacting the cooling fluid obtained in step (b) with the polymerization reaction thereby cooling said reaction, wherein the working fluid is phase converted thereby providing energy in the form of heat and/or electricity and/or mechanical power back to the polyolefin production process. Said invention also relates to a polymerization process for producing olefin polymers in a reactor, and also relates to a process for energy optimization of energy consumption in a polymerization process and to a polymerization unit.  (RDC 6/8/2012)

1. 8,188,197 
Method for producing a polymer
Gubaydullin et al of BASF, Germany, developed a method for performing a polymerization process in a stirred reactor, wherein a critical time window is determined by means of a monitor of at least one polymerization process parameter and an associated process window, and when a critical time window is present, an adaptation of process conditions is made in order to configure the polymerization process to conform to the process window. (RDC 6/8/2012)


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