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1. Norbornene or norbornylene or norcamphene is a bridged cyclic hydrocarbon. It is a white solid with a pungent sour odor. The molecule consists of a cyclohexene ring bridged with a methylene group in the para position. The molecule carries a double bond which induces significant ring strain and significant reactivity.

Norbornene, like many of its derivatives, is made by a Diels-Alder reaction of cyclopentadiene and ethylene.[2][3] Related bicyclics are norbornadiene which has the same carbon skeleton but with two double bonds and norbornane which is completely saturated without double bonds.

Norbornene undergoes an acid-catalyzed hydration reaction with water to form norborneol. This reaction is of great interest to chemists studying non-classical ions.

Norbornenes are important monomers in ring-opening metathesis polymerizations (ROMP) with for instance the Grubbs' catalyst. Polynorbornenes are polymers with high glass transition temperatures and high optical clarity.

In addition to ROMP polymerization, norbornene monomers also undergo vinyl-addition polymerization.

Ethylidene norbornene is a related monomer derived from cyclopentadiene and butadiene.

(Wikipedia, Polynorbornenes, 6/15/2012)


2. Although norbornene monomers are polymerized with transition metal catalysts, polar groups deactive these catalysts making polymerization of monomers with polar groups impossible.

Fujibe and Kibino of Showa Denka, Japan, developed a catalyst for polar norbornene polymerization  based on a transition metal complex containing a .π-allyl ( ξ3-allyl) ligand and a bidentate  β-ketoimine ligand as a main catalyst and a norbornene compound in which a methylene chain is introduced between a norbornene skeleton and an ester group.

Catalyst for norbornene monomer polymerization and method for producing norbornene polymer 



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