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7. 8,378,028 
Polyolefin compositions 

Paola et al of Bassell, Italy, developed a polyolefin consisting of 1) 75-85 wt% of a propylene copolymer with  up to 15 wt% ethylene and/or C4-C10 alpha.-olefin(s) and 2) 15-25% of an ethylene copolymer with 10 to 25 wt% C4-C10 alpha.-olefin(s).  This resins shows is a low melt flow resin with improved transparency and impact properties at low temperatures, for applications such as sheet extrusion/thermoforming, form-fill-seal and blow molding.  (RDC 2/27/2013)

6. 8,288,470 
Polyolefin compositions and articles prepared therefrom, and methods for making the same
Ansems et al of Dow Global Technologies LLC, Michigan, developed a polyolefin material consisting of a olefin multi-block interpolymer; a functionalized olefin-based polymer; and a thermoplastic polyurethane. (RDC 11/1/2012)

5. 8,217,112 
Plasticized polyolefin compositions

Lundmark et al of ExxonMobil, Texas, developed plasticized polyolefins conisisting of one or more polyolefins and one or more non-functionalized plasticizers where the non-functionalized plasticizer is a linear and or branched paraffinic hydrocarbon a number average molecular weight of 500 to 20,000. (RDC 7/30/2012)

4. 8,211,968 
Plasticized polyolefin compositions
Yang et al of ExxonMobil, Texas, developed a plasticized polyolefin consisting of one or more polyolefins and one or more non-functionalized plasticizers where the non-functionalized plasticizer is a polyalphaolefin comprising oligomers of C5 to C14 olefins having a Kinematic viscosity of 10 cSt or more at C. and a viscosity index of 120 or more. (RDC 7/10/2012)

3. 8,193,289 
Polyolefin adhesive compositions and articles made therefrom
Abhari et al of ExxonMobil, Texas, developed a hot melt adhesive for bonding paper cardboard  packaging consisting of 1) a functionalized component, 2) tackifier, and 3) an olefin polymer comprising one or more C3 to C40 olefins, optionally one or more diolefins, and less than 5 mole % of ethylene having a Dot T-Peel of 1 Newton or more, a branching index (g') of 0.95 or less measured at the Mz of the polymer; and an Mw of 100,000 or less; where the functional component is selected from the group consisting of functionalized polymers, functionalized oligomers and beta nucleating agents; and where the Gardner color of the adhesive does not change by more than 7 Gardner units when the adhesive has been heat aged at C. for 48 hours as compared to the Gardner color of the unaged composition. (RDC 6/27/2012)

2. 8,193,284 
Process for producing polyolefin resin composition
Kanamori of Sumitomo Chemical Company, Japan, developed a filtering process to remove fish eyes from polyolefin blends.  The mixed melt is pushed into a filter with a flow passage and a sintered metal filter.  (RDC 6/27/2012)

1. 8,188,175 
Wood substitute material and its use
Lins, Diestel and Thies of J.S. Staedtler, Germany, developed a wood substitute for wood-encased pencils consisting of 15-3.0 wt% polyolefin binder, 50-80 wt% of at least one organic filler, 0-20 wt% of at least one inorganic filler, 0.5-5 wt%  of at least one adhesion promoter, 1-30 wt%  of at least one wax, 0-10 wt%  of at least one color pigment, and 0-10 wt%  of at least one additive, the at least one adhesion promoter forming a chemical bond between the at least one polymeric binder and the at least one organic filler, a ratio of the at least one adhesion promoter and the at least one wax in the range from 1:2 to 1:6 being formed, and the sum of organic and inorganic filler being not more than 80 wt%  (RDC 6/8/2012)


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