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2. Polypropylene resins can be combined with additives, other polymers, fillers and reinforcements to form polypropylene materials.  (RDC 7/10/2012)

1. “Polypropylene-based polymers have many characteristics which make them suitable for a number of applications like cables, pipes, fittings, moulded articles, foams etc. Polypropylene as pipe material is mainly used in non-pressure applications, like for cable protection as well as for culverts (e.g. road and rail), fittings and profiles. Polypropylene is also used for pressure pipes, mainly for hot water and industrial pipes, i.e. for the transport of liquid, e.g. water, during which the fluid can be pressurized. Moreover, the transported fluid may have varying temperatures, usually within the temperature range of about 0 to about C. The good properties at high temperature of polypropylene compared to other polyolefins are often utilized for pipe applications but also for cable applications. All three main types of propylene polymers, i.e. homopolymers, random copolymers and block copolymers (i.e. heterophasic copolymers) are used.”[Machl et al, US Patent 8,304,049 (11/6/2012)]


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