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from 8/30/2012

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1. “One of the most widely used classes of thermoplastics for these applications is that of rigid styrenic thermoplastics and, more particularly, that of rigid and transparent styrenic thermoplastics, such as polystyrene, which exhibits a number of advantages in this type of application (optical and mechanical properties, low cost, ease of use, etc.), but which, unfortunately, does not exhibit very high heat or solvent resistance.

The skilled person has therefore sought to copolymerize the styrene with other monomers, capable of providing the eventual copolymer with an improvement in its heat and solvent resistance, in relation to homopolystyrene, while retaining good processability properties (capacity to be readily transformable). Accordingly patent U.S. Pat. No. 2,971,939 describes a polymerization process producing copolymers of styrene and maleic anhydride or blends of a styrene homopolymer with a copolymer of styrene and maleic anhydride, which have an improved heat distortion temperature while retaining the processability of the material.”

[Dufaure et al US Patent 8,242,207 (8/14/2012)]

2. “Styrene-based resins represented by rubber-reinforcement styrene-based resin have been used in a wide range of fields including domestic electric appliances, office automation machines, and general merchandise, because the styrene-based reins have excellent mechanical properties, molding processability, and appearance trait. Furthermore, heat resistance can be provided to the rubber-reinforcement styrene-based resin by copolymerization with a moderate amount of N-phenyl maleimide represented by an N-substituted maleimide based monomer, and the thus obtained heat resistance resin has been used in car interior and exterior parts and domestic electric appliances.” [Yamashita and Takamura, US Patent 8,258,244 (9/4/2012)]


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