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2. 8,231,957 
PTFE membranes and gaskets made therefrom
Bowen et al of Gore Enterprise Holdings, Inc., Delaware, developed expanded PTFE materials and improved gasket materials made therefrom, the gaskets being capable of forming a seal with greater bolt load retention than is possible with existing PTFE gaskets.  The expanded PTFE membranes of the invention can be tailored to exhibit a matrix tensile strength in at least one direction of at least 25,000 psi, a matrix tensile strength ratio in two orthogonal directions of between 0.25 and 4, an orientation index of or less, and a density of 2.0 g/cc or less. The improved gaskets exhibit improved mechanical properties such as high bolt load retention, low creep, high tensile strength, low stress to seal and high crystallinity index. (RDC 8/10/2012)

1. 8,178,030 
Electrospinning of PTFE with high viscosity materials
Anneaux, Ballard and Garner of  Zeus Industrial Products, South Carolina, developed an improved process for forming a PTFE mat.  The process includes providing a dispersion with PTFE, a fiberizing polymer and a solvent wherein said dispersion has a viscosity of at least 50,000 cP.  An apparatus is provided which comprises a charge source and a target a distance from the charge source.  A voltage source is provided which creates a first charge at the charge source and an opposing charge at the target.  The dispersion is electrostatically charged by contact with the charge source.  The electrostatically charged dispersion is collected on the target to form a mat precursor which is heated to remove the solvent and the fiberizing polymer thereby forming the PTFE mat. A preferred fiberizing polymer is polyethyleneoxide (PEO) with a molecular weight of about 300,000. (RDC 5/24/2012)


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