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Porogens form  porosity in the "matrix" dielectric, without the structure of the film collapsing, that is to say to obtain a film that still has sufficient mechanical properties.

“This step, during which this porosity is created in the "matrix", conditions the final success of the production of these films and the mechanical quality of the layers mainly depends on the choice of the matrix molecule and pore-forming molecule combination.

The hybrid material should preferably be both capable of releasing matter under the effect of a treatment, while keeping a stable framework during this release step, but also during the subsequent steps of manufacturing the semiconductor, especially during the steps of polishing the dielectric layers.

The invention proposes to solve the problem posed by the selection of suitable pore-forming organic precursor molecules which, in combination with the "matrix" molecules, will make it possible to generate, on a substrate, a matrix precursor and organic precursor film that has a very low dielectric constant, while enabling the film to have good mechanical strength”

[Vautier and Sandre, US Patent 8,398,885 (3/19/2013)]


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