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3. 8,394,874 
Method and aqueous adhesive composition for the production of panels made from vegetable matter 

Graux and Mentink of Roquette Freres, France, developed an adhesive  including  vegetable starch the amylose content of which is between 30 and 60%.  This adhesive is used forming lignocelluloses panel by hot pressing.  The emissions of formaldehyde vapor are minimized as low as possible during processing and later use.  .

2. 8,304,052 
Friction lining
Runge et al of Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Germany,  developed a friction lining, which has a friction part and a backing part. As a preform, wound from a strand material and treated with a binder, the friction part is subjected to hot pressing.  The backing part is subjected to hot pressing together with the preform, so that a bond is created between the friction part and the backing part by the polymerization of the binder. (RDC 12/22/2012)

1. 8,178,016 
Method for manufacturing a multilayered composite molded part
Sefton et al of Werzalit, Germany developed a pressing method for manufacturing a multilayered composite molded part.  For a lower layer, particles provided with binder are poured into a mold in a lower part of the pressing tool; a pre-pressed molded part, which has coarser particles than those of the lower layer, is inserted into the first layer; the layers are compressed together with the pre-pressed, inserted molded part under the influence of pressure and heat so as to form the multilayered composite molded part, via the inserted molded part corresponding to the lower layer by means of an upper part of the pressing tool which is guided onto the upper layer. A product manufactured thereby has the form of a multilayered composite molded part with high strength and finely structured outer surfaces or layers and combines within it advantages of various conventional individual products. (RDC 5/24/2012)


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