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Composite film

Polymeric films for thermal dye transfer printing, need improved compressibility, insulating properties, gloss, and whiteness, without the adverse effects of merely increasing the loading of whitener in a film layer.  The film should also facilitate improved printing and processing speed and insulating properties. Improved image quality and processing speed may facilitate lower cost and allow dye diffusion thermal transfer printing to compete with other printing technologies, such as ink jet.

O’Brien and Sheppard of Exxonmobil have developed a composite film for supporting  images consisting of a first layer of a thermoplastic polymer with optionally  a whitening agent; a second layer of a thermoplastic polymer and a whitening agent; a third layer of  a thermoplastic polymer and a cavitating agent, wherein the third layer is a cavitated layer; optionally a fourth layer of a thermoplastic polymer and optionally a whitening agent; and optionally a fifth layer containing a thermoplastic polymer and optionally a whitening agent; These films show improved  compressibility, thermal insulation, whiteness and stiffness. The thermoplastic polymer of the third layer may contain a polypropylene. The whitening agent of the second layer may contain titanium dioxide. The cavitating agent of the third layer may contain a cavitating agent, such as polybutylene terephthalate or calcium carbonate. [Transfer Films, US Patent 8,377,845, (2/19/2013)]



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