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4. 8,215,244 
Plastic pallet
Apps of Rehrig Pacific Company, California, developed a pallet with a top deck and a bottom deck.  The top deck member has an upper surface, and a lower surface defined by first cross-rib members.  The bottom deck has an upper portion and runners extending downwardly in a unitary construction.  The upper portion has an upper surface defined bysecond cross-rib members which correspond to the first cross-rib members and securely attached to mount the top and bottom decks to each other.  The runners have a lower surface and extend transversely across the pallet in a parallel orientation, and also have a plurality of upright members and support members extending between the upright members and integrally formed therewith in a unitary construction. The plurality of second cross-rib members extend generally vertically from the top deck to the lower surface of the runners. (RDC 7/14/2012)

3. 8,210,108 
Pallet assembly
Apps of Rehrig Pacific Company, developed a pallet assembly with a top deck having a top deck upper surface and a top deck lower surface and also having a first predetermined fire retardancy.  A bottom deck having a bottom deck upper surface and a bottom deck lower surface, and also having a second predetermined fire retardancy.  A column extending between the top deck and bottom deck, the column having an other fire retardancy lower than at least one of the first and second fire retardancies. (RDC 7/3/2012)

2. 8,210,107 
Plastic pallet structure
Muirhead of Nextreme, Pennsylvania, developd a plastic pallet, of three scuffed thermoplastic sheets, including exterior intumescent polymeric surfaces for resisting the spread of combustion flames and insulating the interior surfaces from the high temperature of fire.  The pallet is reinforced with optional rigidifying structures without article modification. Pallet members are joined with snap together features providing an assembled article.  The pallet includes handles for ergonomic manipulation by worker, and is readily adapted to receive a number of unitization accessories for enhancing material handling operations. (RDC 7/3/2012)

1. 8,127,691 
SMC pallet
Ingham of Fitzpatrick Technologies, Michigan, developed a  pallet made of sheet molding compound (SMC) preferably includes a lower deck having unidirectional fibers therein and an upper deck having randomly oriented fibers therein. The upper and lower decks are assembled by heat staking the decks together with thermoplastic blocks. (RDC 4/12/2012)


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