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from 5/17/2012

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3. 8,394,874 
Method and aqueous adhesive composition for the production of panels made from vegetable matter 

Graux and Mentink of Roquette Freres, France, developed an adhesive  including  vegetable starch the amylose content of which is between 30 and 60%.  This adhesive is used forming lignocelluloses panel by hot pressing.  The emissions of formaldehyde vapor are minimized as low as possible during processing and later use.  .

2. 8,176,698 
Lewark of Kronotec, Switzerland, developed a floor panel, with a wood-based core made of a woodbased material and a decoration applied to a visible side, the visible side, with a chamfer running at an angle thereto, and the chamfer likewise being provided with a decoration, characterized in that a relief is stamped into the surface of the chamfer. (RDC 5/17/2012)

1. 8,176,690 
High-strength structure
Newman, Florida, developed a high strength, lightweight building structure with a high-strength connection to a foundation, high-strength eaves, and high-strength structural panels.  The fiber reinforced, high-strength structural panels form the walls, ceiling, roof, soffit, and eave of the structure.  The panels comprise a rigid foam core having outer membrane layer, panel spacers, and sheeting.  The high-strength foundation connection comprises a continuous seam plate with bonding agents, mechanical fasteners, and a metal bearing cap having continuously spaced, angle-shaped anchor studs welded to the metal bearing cap.  The high-strength eave structure, comprise of a soffit panel connected to an inclined eave panel, a connection bracket and a rigid wedge continuously bonded between the ceiling panel and roof panel, thus forming a sealed, non-vented attic space. (RDC 5/17/2012)


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