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from 6/25/2013

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“Personal care or toiletries is the industry which manufactures consumer products used for beautification and in personal hygiene.

Subsectors of personal care include cosmetics and feminine hygiene.

There is some small distinction between personal hygienic items and cosmetics, which are luxury goods solely used for beautification, but in practice such sundries are most often intermixed in retail store aisles.

Personal care includes products as diverse as chapstick, cleansing pads and wipes, colognes, cotton swabs, cotton pads, deodorant, eye liner, facial tissue, hair clippers, lip gloss, lipstick, lotion, makeup, mouthwash, nail files, condoms, pomade, perfumes, personal lubricant, razors, shampoo, conditioner, talcum powder, shaving cream, skin cream, toilet paper, toothbrushes and toothpaste.”

(Wikipedia, Personal Care Products, 6/25/2012)


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