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11. 8,519,034 
Polyethylene composition for water pipes with improved chlorine resistance

The present invention relates to a polyethylene composition with good resistance to degradation caused by chlorinated water, particularly to the use of a combination of particular types of antioxidants for increasing the resistance of a polyethylene composition against degradation caused by contact with chlorinated water.

WO 2005/056657 discloses stabilized polyethylene materials suitable for pipes with advantageously balanced thermal, mechanical and processing properties which are maintained in chlorinated water environments. The polyethylene compositions comprise members of two different classes of hindered phenolic antioxidants and preferably further antioxidants as phosphites and phosphonites such as tris(2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate.

However, there is still a need for improved polyethylene compositions suitable for water pipe applications, particularly for polyethylene compositions having an increased lifetime in contact to chlorinated water.

Palmlof and Oderkerk of Borealis AG, Vienna, Austria, developed a polyethylene for permanent contact with chlorinated water based on non-substituted or substituted aliphatic or aromatic non ester hydroxyl compounds.  The polyethylene may be  a polyethylene homo- or copolymer. (RDC 8/28/2013)

10. 8,448,380 

A wicktube can transfer liquid from one end to the other end by capillary action, and a wickswitch can control this capillary liquid transferring action. Wicktubes are connected together to form a wickhub. A wicknet combines wickhubs, wicktubes, and liquid reservoirs to form a network. Wickconnectors connect the elements of the wicknet. Wicknet and wickswitches can control the liquid supply of the plants in a garden or farm. This liquid supply control can be precise if electronic controller and some sensors are added. It is simple, slow and clean. And it uses only minimum amount of liquid. Plants can be hung on the wall to form a garden on the wall, a hanging garden.

Yang, California, developed and automated watering system controlled electronically with sensors, electronics and wicknets.

9. 8,367,763 
Polyethylene composition for pressure pipes with enhanced flexibility 

Backman et al of Borealis Technology Oy, Finland, developed a polyethylene material for piping consisting of a base resin with (a) an ethylene homo- or copolymer fraction (A); and (b) an ethylene homo- or copolymer fraction (B), wherein (i) fraction (A) has a lower average molecular weight than fraction (B); (ii) the base resin has a density of 940 to 947 kg/m3; (iii) the polyethylene composition has an MFR5 of 0.1 to 0.5 g/10 min; and (iv) the polyethylene composition has an SHI 2.7/210) of 10 to 49.  SHI is the ratio of the viscosity of the polyethylene composition at different shear stresses   (RDC 2/13/2013)

8. 8,303,295 
Expansion tool device for pliers or machine for producing sockets at the ends of pipes made out of plastic or composite material
Gueit of Virax, Societe par Actions Simplifiee, France, developed an expansion tool for pliers or machine for producing sockets at the ends of pipes made out of plastic or composite material, used in plumbing.  The device includes a cylindrically-shaped ferrule formed by the tightening of several sector-shaped chucks.  The chucks are movable in the radial direction under the action of the insertion between them of a tapered needle movable in axial translation through the actuation of the pliers or machine.  The chucks are allowed to pass from a tightened position to a separated position. In an integrated way or in a unit designed capable of being intercalated between the ferrule and the pliers or machine, there is an automatic driver for the ferrule, when the ferrule passes from the separated position to the tightened position, directly or indirectly, in axial swiveling according to a portion of a turn. (RDC 12/5/2012)

7. 8,302,634 
Method of producing a flexible pipe and a flexible pipe
Procida of National Oilwell Varco Denmark I/S, Denmark, produced a flexible pipe consistiong of  a metal carcass and an internal sealing sheath extruded onto the carcass.  A metal carcass; is heated by induction heating to 150 C.; extruding a non-cross-linked polyethylene material containing a peroxide having an activation temperature above 150 C, cross-linking the extruded polyethylene by raising its temperature to the activation temperature of said peroxide by exposing the extruded polymer material to electromagnetic waves, with a wavelength of between 0.5 .mu.m to 0.5 m, preferably infrared radiation; and cooling said cross-linked polyethylene material to obtain the internal sealing sheath.  A foil may be applied onto the metal carcass prior to the step of heating the metal carcass.  (RDC 11/12/2012)

6. 8,302,633 
Flexible pipe having integrated end fittings
Saltel of Saltel Industries, France, developed a flexible pipe consisting of a flexible cylindrical tubular pipe body connected at each of its ends to a rigid connector end fitting in the form of a sleeve.  The wall of the pipe body is mechanically reinforced by at least one traction layer of filaments of small thickness, presenting high traction strength, that are wound helically about the longitudinal axis of the pipe.  The traction layer is composed of an array of uninterrupted filaments interconnecting the two end fittings alternately in one direction and then in the other direction, while being fastened on the end fittings. (RDC 11/12/2012)

5. 8,241,447 
Method for manufacturing tubes by welding
Thomasset of Aisapack Holding S.A., Switzerland, welded a strip for the production of flexible tubing by shaping of a strip around a welding rod; contacting of the ends of the strip to form a welded zone by heating and compressing said ends and, then, cooling (RDC 8/16/2012)

4. 8,211,517 
Multi-layered coextruded tube
Martens, Mathew and  Topoulos of DuPont, Delaware, developed a multi-layered co-extruded tubes consisting of an outer layer of a first semiaromatic semicrystalline polyamide having a melt temperature of about 240 to 280 C,  a thermal stabilizer and an inner layer including a second semiaromatic semicrystalline polyamide having a glass transition equal to or greater than C. (RDC 7/9/2012)

3. 8,210,213 
Multilayer tube
Miyamoto et al of Wintech Polymer Ltd. and Tokai Rubber Industries, Ltd., Japan, developed a multilayer tube consisting of three layers: an inner layer contactable with a fuel component, a barrier layer preventing the fuel component permeating, and an outermost layer. In the multilayer tube, the inner layer comprises a poly(butylene terephthalate) resin composition containing at least (A) a poly(butylene terephthalate) resin, the barrier layer comprises a polyester resin composition, and the outermost layer comprises a poly(butylene terephthalate) resin composition containing (A) a poly(butylene terephthalate) resin, (B) an elastomer component, (C) an aromatic polycarbodiimide compound, and (D) an antioxidant. (RDC 7/3/2012)

2. 8,178,034 
Method and device for the continuous production of a plastic compound pipe comprising a pipe socket
Hegler, Germany, extruded into a molding path moving in a direction of conveyance an internal tube from a first extruder and an external tube from a second extruder.  The external tube being concentric with the internal tube.  During the production of a normal compound pipe, the smooth internal tube is welded together with the external tube which is provided with transverse grooves.  At the transition from the normal compound pipe to the expanded pipe socket, the extruder speed of the first extruder is increased from a speed n1,1 to a speed n1,2. During the production of the pipe socket, the speed of the first extruder is reduced to a speed in1,3, wherein n1, 2>n1,3>n1,1 applies. (RDC 5/24/2012)

1. 8,136,554 
Molded plastic pipe
Junger of Robert Bosch, Germany, developed a plastic molded pipefor fuel-conducting return lines in injection systems for internal combustion engines.  The plastic molded pipe has an inner pipe and an outer encapsulation made of a plastic material with connectors for additional components of the fuel injection system.  The inner pipe is can be a plastic inner pipe with at least one bend. (RDC 5/10/2012)


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