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3. 8,277,643 
Catalytic pyrolysis of solid biomass and related biofuels, aromatic, and olefin compounds
Huber et al of the University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts, produced fluid hydrocarbons  via catalytic pyrolysis  such as benzene, toluene, naphthalene and xylene.   The biomass and catalyst are heated between 500. and 1000 C.  The catalysts include zeolites with high silica to alumina.  The biomass /catalyst ratio range from 5:1 to 20:1). (RDC 10/4/2012)

2. 8,192,712 
Carbon manufacturing method
Miyashita of Honda, Japan, produced carbon using reduced thermal energy.  Crystalline cellulose and acidic electrolyzed water are introduced into a reaction vessel.  The mixture is heated until it reaches a predetermined temperature ( C. to C.) while being stirred. When the mixture reached the predetermined temperature, this temperature is maintained, and the mixture is kept heated while being stirred for a predetermined period of time (30 minutes). Thereby, carbon is produced in the reaction vessel. At 250 C the yield of carbon black was up to 50%. (RDC 6/19/2012)

1. 8,192,586 
Devices, systems, and methods for recycling plastic
Garrison, DeWhitt and Talley of the Agilyx Corporation, Oregon, recycled plastics by placing waste plastic feedstock into a cartridge with elongated receptacles.  The cartridge can be introduced into a heating plenum such that at least the elongated receptacles of the cartridge are exposed to a heated fluid (e.g., heated air).   Heating of the cartridge can cause various components of the plastic feedstock to transition into gases, which can be removed from the cartridge for further processing.  (RDC 6/18/2012)


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