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Composition for manufacturing heat ray-shielding polyvinyl chloride film and manufacturing method of the same, and heat ray-shielding polyvinyl chloride film
Fujita of Sumitomo Metal Mining Co., Ltd., developed a heat ray-shielding polyvinyl chloride film by dispersing tungsten oxide nanoparticles, WOx ,and/or the composite tungsten oxide nanoparticles expressed by a general formula MyWOz ,and having a hexaboride crystal structure, and a dispersant, in an organic solvent; obtaining a mixture by mixing a plasticizer for manufacturing a polyvinyl chloride, into this dispersion liquid; and obtaining a composition for manufacturing the heat ray-shielding polyvinyl chloride film by using a vacuum distillation method and removing the organic solvent from this mixture until a concentration of the solvent is 5 wt % or less. (RDC 9/19/2012)


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(RDC 6/5/2012)


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