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3. 8,231,234 
Metallized retroreflective sheeting with increased daytime brightness
Chapman, Wu and Huang of Avery Dennison Corporation, California, developed a retroreflective sheeting comprising a cube layer having a front light-receiving surface and a rear retroreflecting surface and a metallic layer covering the rear retroreflecting surface.  The rear surface consists of an array of retroreflective elements and diffusing patches within such array (without retroreflective elements).  The metallic layer covers the retroreflective elements and the diffusing patches, whereby diffusing patches scatter incoming light increasing daytime brightness to a desired level. The UV-resistant or protective layer can be a transparent layer made of thermoplastic material with appropriate resisting properties or coatings. The cube layer can comprise any suitable thermoplastic material which is compatible with desired manufacturing methods (e.g., acrylic, vinyl, polymethyacrylate, polycarbonate, polyurethane, polysulfone, polyarylate, polyether imide, polyetherimide, cyclo-olefinic copolymer, and/or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene).  (RDC 8/6/2012)

2. 8,177,374 
Retroreflective sheet structure
Wu of Avery Dennison, California, A retroreflective sheet structure comprising a transparent layer having a front light-receiving surface and a rear retroreflecting surface. Light incident on the front surface  will pass through the layer, impinge on the rear retroreflective surface  and reflect back out through the front surface  in a predetermined direction. An identifying indicia is chosen and then formed on the retroreflecting surface. This indicia can be used for identification purposes, even years after an end product incorporating the reflective sheet structure  has been out in the field. (RDC 5/22/2012)

1. 3,923,378
Cube-Corner Reflector with Non-Aligned Cube Axes

Heenan of Amerace Corporation, New York, developed a reflector of transparent material with cube-corner reflector elements at the rear and a light-receiving face at the front. Each of the reflector elements has an element axis and a cube axis with an angle other than therebetween. Each of the reflector elements has an outline in the shape of a regular polygon when projected in a plane perpendicular to the element axis. The faces of each element are symmetrically arranged with respect to the cube axis. The element axes of the reflector elements are all parallel to one another.  (RDC 5/22/2012)


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