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5. 8,240,102 
Shingle with reinforced nail zone and method of manufacturing
Belt and Elliott of Owens Corning, Ohio, developed roofing shingle including an asphalt-coated sheet having a tab portion normally exposed on a roof and a headlap portion normally covered-up on a roof.  At least a portion of the asphalt-coated sheet has granules adhered thereto. A reinforcement member is attached to the lower zone of the headlap portion. (RDC 8/14/2012)

4. 8,240,101 
Roofing material fasteners, applicators and method of installation
Binkley, Wolfe and  Hahn of Building Materials Investment Corporation, Delaware, developed a roofing material fastener consisting of a shank having a length dimension and a point. The shank is adapted to enable it to be driven through at least a first course of roofing material and into a roof deck.  A fastener head is positioned in a region of the shank distal from the point. A spike protrusion projects from the distal region of the shank to a terminus. The length of the spike protrusion is less than one half the length of the shank, measured from the point to the fastener head. The spike protrusion is adapted to penetrate a depth less than the full depth of a second course of roofing material installed above the first course. The spike protrusion is shaped to inhibit sawing through the second course of roofing material by the spike protrusion. (RDC 8/14/2012)

3. 8,240,100 
Laminated shingle with wider nailing zone
Kalkanoglu, Stahl and Donaldson of CertainTeed Corporation, Pennsylvania, developed a multiple-layer laminated shingle in which at least one adhesive of high temperature resistance is applied for securing the shingle layers together, to reduce reliance on a roofer having to fasten (via nails, staples or other fasteners). (RDC 8/14/2012)

2. 8,216,681 
Reflective roofing materials
Mellott, II and Smith developed a roofing and/or siding material having a resulting reflectivity of at least about 50%. The roofing and/or siding material includes a base sheet/membrane, a reinforcement material and a multi-layer reflective film material. The reflective film can be a multilayer system that includes polyvinylidene fluoride and vinyl polymer. The reflective film material has a thickness that is generally thinner than the thickness of the base sheet/membrane. (RDC 7/26/2012)

1. 8,216,504 
Molding apparatus
Robinson of TAMKO Building Products, Inc. Missouri developed a molding for casting shingles.  This molding apparatus consists of regions that receive a direct flow of a molding material feed such that external flow channels are not needed.  The article molding regions are formed into front sides of opposed "A" and "B" surface mold tools that, when moved into a mating relationship with one another, form closed molding cavities.  Theses article molding regions have a body bounded by a perimeter that establishes an outer edge for an article molded in the one of the closed molding cavities.  With at least the "A" surface mold tool, a port is coupled with the body of each article molding region to establish a direct pathway is through which the molding material feed flows to enter the article molding regions, and thus the closed molding cavity, without having to flow along the tool front sides outside of the article molding regions. A distribution channel extends to each port to deliver the molding material feed and a moveable blocking pin is provided for each port to alternately prevent the molding material feed from flowing through the respective port to reach the closed molding cavity and allow the molding material to flow through the respective port to reach the closed molding cavity. (RDC 7/25/2012)


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