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Rotocast composite hybrid process for molding composite parts
Hanusiak and Myat of Disney Enterprises, California, develop a rotocast composite hybrid method for efficiently making strong but lightweight parts. The method includes filling a mold with a volume of resin through an access port and then sealing the access port by positioning a lid over the access port.  The method includes mounting the mold in a rotocasting machine and then operating the rotocasting machine to rotate the mold about two orthogonal axes until a layer of the resin is applied uniformly over an inner surface of the mold to form an outer wall of a part. The method includes removing the lid and then applying a reinforcement material (e.g., sheets of woven fiberglass) to an inner surface of the outer wall of the part through the access port. The applying of the reinforcement material also involves wet layup such as by binding the reinforcement material to the inner surface by applying additional resin to the reinforcement material.  (RDC 5/23/2012)

Rotary moulding
Jones of the Teal Corporation, New Zealand, develoed a valve in a roational mold to provide a potential airflow pathway either way, the valving having at least a substantially closed condition from which it can be opened by a pressure differential in one direction that is below that which will cause it to open or fail to allow an airflow in the other direction.  (RDC 4/25/2012)

Machine for rotational molding with heated mold and with facilitated part
Bergamo of Persico, Italy, developed a  machine for rotational molding with rotation of a mold around perpendicular axes, direct heating of the mold and automated opening of the mold in half molds.  The machine can also stop in a predetermined position unloading and evacuate the mold as needed.  (RDC 4/16/2012)


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