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Stabilization of polymers with styrenated-p-cresols
Gelbin, Hill and Power of Chemtura Corporation, Connecticut, developed a mixture of styrenated p-cresol that is liquid at room temperature and has a viscosity of less than 40,000 cps at C., wherein said process affords 2,6-distyrenated p-cresol assaying at 70% minimum by GC area percent, by reacting styrene with p-cresol at a molar ratio of 1.85 to 2.1:1, respectively, in the presence of an acid catalyst at elevated temperature, wherein said mixture comprises monostyrenated-p-cresol, distyrenated-p-cresol, and tristyrenated-p-cresol and exhibits an acid number of less than 0.1 mg KOH/gram. (RDC 6/26/2012)


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