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3. 8,303,701 
Modified thermoplastic starch from Ophiostoma ulmi polysaccharide conversion
Sain and Jeng, Canada, developed a novel modified thermoplastic starch using a polysaccharide produced by the fungus species Ophiostoma ulmi, by growing a culture in a yeast extract medium; adding the native starch; mixing, and harvesting the modified thermoplastic starch. The modified thermoplastic starch may be used in the manufacture of a biodegradable plastic which exhibits low water absorbency and high tensile strength. The plastic may be used to manufacture films or molding products by casting, extrusion, injection, or compression techniques. (RDC 12/5/2012)

2. 8,192,660 
Cold-water soluble extruded starch product
Wang et al of Grain Processing Corporation, Iowa, developed a cold-water soluble starch. It involves a hydroxyalkyl starch and applying a shearing force to the starch in an extruder in the presence of moisture.  The force and the moisture gelatinizes the starch granules to form a sheared starch. The starch is heated to its gelatinization temperature after the starch has passed partially through the barrel of the extruder, with the moisture being maintained at a level sufficiently high to allow gelatinization but sufficiency low to protect the starch from becoming too sticky to extrude.  The extruded starch product thus formed may be used in connection with a number of film-forming, coating, and other applications. (RDC 6/18/2012)

1. 8,187,514 
Biodegradable molded article
Ozasa, Hashimoto and Tanaka of the Nissei Company, Japan, developed a coated bowl-shaped container which is biodegradable.  It consists mainly of starch. The main body is molded through steam expansion of a slurry or dough molding material containing high-amylose starch and water, or a slurry or dough molding material containing starch, polyvinyl alcohol and water.  (RDC 6/6/2012)


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