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1. 8,404,758 
Stress relaxation in crosslinked polymers 

Bowman and Scott of the University of Colorado, Colorado, induced  reversible chain cleavage of polymer chains in a crosslinked polymeric material.  Reversible cleavage of the polymer backbone is capable of relieving stress in the polymeric material as the bonds reform in a less stressed state.  Reversible cleavage of the polymer backbone is enabled by incorporation of "reversible chain cleavage" groups or functionalities into the polymer backbone.  a reversible chain cleavage group is capable of both breaking and forming in-chain bonds. In an embodiment, the reversible chain cleavage group is a chain transfer group which undergoes addition-fragmentation type chain transfer.  Suitable addition-fragmentation functionalities or agents for use in the invention include conventional reversible addition-fragmentation chain transfer (RAFT) agents, allyl sulfides, dithiocarbamates, trithiocarbonates and thiuram disulfides.


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