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3. 8,302,363 
Composite interlocking structure
Johnson of Ebert Composites Corporation, California, developd an interlocking support structure consisting of an array of rectangular cells arranged in at least one layer, each cell having four sides, opposite ends, and eight corners, and sharing common sides and corners with any adjacent cells.  The cells are formed by sets of spaced, parallel elongate members extending in x, y and z directions, with the x, y and z members interlocked with one another at the corners of the cells to form interlocking corner joints.  The cells are fiber reinforced plastics forme by putrusion.  Each structural member is hollow at least in the vicinity of each corner joint with which it intersects, and communicates with the other structural members at the respective corner joints. A plug of hardened, initially flowable material fills the hollow interior of the interlocking structural members at least at the corner joints and adheres to the internal surfaces of the members at the corner joints to secure the members together at each corner in the rectangular array. (RDC 11/9/2012)

2. 8,257,626 
Felt body manufacturing method
Kuhl of Groz-Beckert KG, Germany,  formed spatial objects of a fleece or felt by depositing fibers on an air permeable mold.  The fibers may be attracted to the mold by a vacuum applied to the underside of said mold. Preferably, the mold has several spatial structures that define the shape of the fiber web that is being formed and that correspond at least approximately to the desired final shape.  By subsequent compacting of the thusly obtained fiber web, a spatially three-dimensional felt object is obtained. (RDC 9/10/2012)

1. 8,186,324 
Resin intake apparatus
Iwata of Aisan Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha, Japan, developed a resin molded body constituting a resin intake apparatus includes a surge tank and a plurality of branch passages each branching off from the surge tank. A communication passage is formed in a wall forming the surge tank to communicate a bottom of the surge tank with one of the branch passages. The resin molded body is formed by two split molded parts integrally welded to each other at welded portions so that the communication passage is formed between the welded portions. (RDC 5/30/2012)


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