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1. Cells are often implanted or 'seeded' into an artificial structure capable of supporting three-dimensional tissue formation. These structures, typically called scaffolds, are often critical, both ex vivo as well as in vivo, to recapitulating the in vivo milieu and allowing cells to influence their own microenvironments. Scaffolds usually serve at least one of the following purposes:

Allow cell attachment and migration

Deliver and retain cells and biochemical factors

Enable diffusion of vital cell nutrients and expressed products

Exert certain mechanical and biological influences to modify the behaviour of the cell phase

(Wikipedia, Scaffolds, 10/8/2012)

“One of the great challenges of the Century is increasing life expectancy, while at the same time maintaining quality of life in an ageing population. Regenerative medicine is, therefore, a new strategy that seeks to repair damaged or diseased tissues to their original state or function by helping natural healing processes to work faster, or by using special materials with human cell cultures, the so-called "scaffolds," which act as three-dimensional templates for cell growth and differentiation and formation of living tissues.

Synthetic scaffolds have been proposed as a new means of tissue reconstruction and repair. Scaffolds belong to a new generation of biomedical structures, which rely on the concept of regeneration of diseased or damaged tissue to its original state or function, instead of the current clinical procedures, which are based on replacement by implantation or transplantation. The latter two possess well-known drawbacks such as limited lifespan, lack of ability to self-repair, limited vascularisation of implants, limited number of donors, and possibility of rejection of transplants.”

[Jain et al, US Patent 8,277,829 (10/2/2012)]


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