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2. 8,389,605 
Self-repairing concrete having carbamide resin polymer micro-capsules and method for fabricating same 

Xing and Ni of Shenzhen University, China, developed a self-repairing concrete using carbamide resin polymer micro-capsules, in which the carbamide resin polymer micro-capsules are mixed for a fixed function of micro-cracks.  The quality mixture ratio is: concrete/micro capsules/water=100:1-15:15-50. The manufacturing method is weighing a full amount of water in a container, adding carbamide resin polymer micro-capsules, stirring, until fully dispersed microcapsules; pouring the water into the mixing container, adding the corresponding quality of cement; stirring; adding sand and gravel filling materials, conducting worksite watering, 1/3 volume for each time, vibrating, and air exhausting; until the slurry filling mold.  (RDC 3/19/2013)

1. 8,383,697 
Systems for self-healing composite materials 

Wilson et al   developed a self-healing composite including a matrix precursor, capsules containing a liquid polymerizer, an activator, and an accelerant.  The liquid polymerizer polymerizes when in contact with the activator, and the accelerant is an accelerant for the polymerization of the liquid polymerizer. The composite material precursor may be used to form a composite material that includes a solid polymer matrix containing the capsules in the solid polymer matrix with the activator and accelerant in the solid polymer matrix.  (RDC 3/6/2013)


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