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2.  8,383,755 
Enzyme-medicated cross-linking of silicone polymers 

Zelisko, Arnelien and  Frampton of Canada, cross-linked silicone polymers by contacting a silicone polymer and a cross-linking agent with a hydrolytic enzyme under conditions for the cross-linking of the silicone polymer, wherein the silicone polymer has been modified to comprise functional groups that react with the hydrolytic enzyme.  Trypsin and pepsin effectively catalyzed the cross-linking of .alpha.,.omega.-(triethoxysilyl)ethyl-polydimethylsiloxane (TES-PDMS), similar to dibutyltin dilaurate.  Studies showed little difference between the products of the dibutyltin dilaurate- and trypsin-catalyzed systems.  (RDC 3/6/2013)

1. 8,133,600 
Siloxane polymerization in wallboard
Wang et al of United States Gypsum Company, Illinois,  induced complete silicone polymerization with magnesium oxide and class C fly ash in gypsum wallboard.  The slurry used in water-resistant gypsum articles that includes making an emulsion of siloxane and water, then combining the slurry with a dry mixture of stucco, magnesium oxide and Class C fly ash. The slurry is then shaped as desired and the stucco is allowed to set and the siloxane polymerizes. The resulting product is useful for making a water-resistant gypsum panel having a core that includes interwoven matrices of calcium sulfate dihydrate crystals and a silicone resin, where the interwoven matrices have dispersed throughout them a catalyst comprising magnesium oxide and components from a Class C fly ash.  (RDC 5/2/2012)


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