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Methods and compositions for treating tissue using silk proteins
Hossainy et al of Abbott Cardiovascular Systems Inc. California, Compositions developed a self-reinforcing composite biomatrix with three components, a first functionalized polymer, a second functionalized polymer and silk protein.  This material can also include a cell type and a growth factor.   This material is used to heal damage from myocardial infarctions.  (RDC 6/19/2012)

Method for silk fibroin gelation using sonication
Wand et al of Tufts College, Massachusetts, developed a process of rapidly forming silk fibroin gelation through ultrasonication.  Under the appropriate conditions, gelation can be controlled to occur within two hours after the ultrasonication treatment.  Biological materials, including viable cells, or therapeutic agents can be encapsulated in the hydrogels formed from the process and be used as delivery vehicles. (RDC 6/6/2012)

Silk-based drug delivery system
Kaplan and Lorenz of Tufts College, Massachusetts and Eidgenossisches Technische Hochschule, Switzerland, developed sustained release silk-based delivery systems.  A silk fibroin solution is combined with a therapeutic agent to form a silk fibroin article.  The article is then treated in such a way as to alter its conformation.  The change in conformation increases its crytallinity or liquid crystallinity, thus controlling the release of a therapeutic agent from the formulation. This can be accomplished as single material carriers or in a layer-by-layer fashion to load different therapeutic agents or different concentrations of these agents in each layer. (RDC 5/29/2012)


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