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2. 8,372,287 
Impregnated expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) tubing as a stationary phase 

Workman and Shannon developed a solid-phase extraction device using a section of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) tubing as the stationary phase.  The microscopic pores of ePTFE tubing are impregnated with a binding agent having an affinity for a target constituent within a matrix.  The matrix is prepared and loaded onto the stationary phase of the system. The target constituent is retained by the stationary phase.  The constituent is stripped from the stationary phase with a stripping solution, and collected for further analysis or use.  (RDC 2/19/2013)

1. 8,241,747 
Malodor absorbent polymer and fiber
Wood and Beaverson of Cellresin Technologies, LLC, Minnesota, developed thermoplastic polyolefin polymer composition, polymer chip, fiber, woven or nonwoven fabric, film, closures, laminates consisting of a polymer, a polymer and a nonvolatile polymer-compatible carboxylic acid.  Thermoplastic polyolefin polymer composition can also consist of a polymer, a cyclodextrin-modified polymer and a nonvolatile polymer-compatible carboxylic acid. The carboxylic acid moiety of the polymer composition can react with basic materials in the polymer environment and reduce release of the basic material. The cyclodextrin can act to absorb or trap other contaminants or odors in the environment. (RDC 8/23/2012)


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