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3.  8,303,287 
Spunbonding apparatus
Peng and Huang of Taiwan Textile Research Institute, Taiwan, developed a  spunbonding apparatus including at least one nozzle, a coagulating tank, a deformation region, a slit passage, and a drawing flow pump.  The nozzle extrudes at least one spinning solution.  The coagulating tank contains coagulating liquid to coagulate the spinning solution into at least one fiber.  The deformation region is located between the coagulating tank and the nozzle.  The slit passage is connected to the coagulating tank and allows the fiber to pass through. The drawing flow pump provides a drawing flow to the slit passage. (RDC 11/24/2012)

2. 8,241,024 
Forming melt spun nonwowen webs
Hartge, Pennsylvania, formed a spun bond nonwoven web from extruded polymer filaments using a spinneret with many orifices to extrude continuous polymeric filaments, and a pressure quench chamber including a top located proximate and below the spinneret and bounded peripherally by surfaces.  The quench chamber has dimensions and a configuration to avoid substantial contact between the filaments and the surface of the quench chamber and a volume sufficient to allow solidification of the filaments within the quench chamber, where the chamber exit nozzle includes a drawing slot at the bottom of the quench chamber extending substantially across the width of the bottom of the quench chamber and in cooperative engagement with the quench chamber to receive the cooled filaments and quench fluid.  The drawing slot is formed by lower surfaces of the chamber tapering toward each other in the direction of filament flow through the chamber and terminating at facing edges of two respective knife structures. (RDC 8/15/2012)

1. 8,186,986 
Device for drawing filaments
Schottler and Sapouridis of Oerlikon Textile, Germany,developed a device for drawing melt-spun filaments for forming a spunbonded fabric includes at least one guide member.  The filaments are guided through a slot-shaped nozzle, onto which compressed air is applied, and which conveys the filaments through the drawing nozzle. Guide members are provided on both sides of the slot on the base of the slot-shaped outlet, which cause a uniform structure of the fabric due to their shaping. This is achieved when a guide member has a plurality of notches parallel to the conveying direction, and the opposite guide member has a plurality of bores, which passively connect the space between the guide member with the environment. (RDC 6/4/2012)


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