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A vapoluminescent Eu-based metallo-supramolecular polymer
Chemical Communications #41 (2012)
Sato and Higuchi prepared an Eu-based metallo-supramolecular polymer (polyEu) by self-assembly coordination polymerization. Unique vapoluminescence property of polyEu triggered by acid–base vapor was found and a photoluminescence display in switchable imaging by acid–base vapor was fabricated. (RDC 4/27/2012)

Self-assembly of rod-coil molecules into lateral chain-length-dependent supramolecular organization
Journal of Applied Polymer  Science 123 #2 (2012)
Zhong et al of Yanbian University and Nankai University, China, and Seoul National University, South Korea, self-assembled coil- rod-coil molecules, consisting of four biphenyls and a p-terphenyl unit linked together with ether bonds as a rod segment.  The results reveal that self-assembling behavior of these molecules is dramatically influenced by a lateral methyl or ethoxymethyl groups in the middle of rod segment.  (RDC 10/12/2011).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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