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Superhydrophilic coatings for improved sonobuoy performance

Ramotowski of the US Navy developed a a superhydrophilic coating to a surface of a sonobuoy and acoustic sensors. A variety of different processed and chemistries can be used to make superhydrophilic coatings including polyethylene glycol, titanium dioxide and nanoporous silica. Application to the surface can be by dipping, painting and spraying. Once applied to the outer surface of the acoustic sensor and specifically the sonobuoy, the sonobuoy can be handled/stored/deployed under existing procedures. Titanium dioxide and nanoporous silica are inorganic materials that would have to be inter-mixed with the coating. The coating allows a surface of the sonobuoy to wet completely upon immersion into a fluid thereby minimizing the formation of air bubbles on the surface whereby the suppression of bubble formation allows the sonobuoy to immediately generate high quality acoustic data.  (RDC 8/28/2013)


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