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A telechelic polymer or oligomer is a prepolymer capable of entering into further polymerization or other reactions through its reactive end-groups. It can be used for example to synthesize block copolymers.

By definition, a telechelic polymer is a di-end-functional polymer where both ends possess the same functionality. Where the chain-ends of the polymer are not of the same functionality they are termed di-end-functional polymers.

All polymers resulting from living polymerization are end-functional but may not necessarily be telechelic.

To prepare polymers by step-growth polymerization, telechelic polymers like polymeric diols and epoxy prepolymers can be used. The main examples are:

Polyether diols;

Polyester diols;

Polycarbonate diols: Polyhexamethylene carbonate diol (PHMCD);

Polyalcadiene diols: Hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (PBHT)...

Other examples of telechelic polymers are the halato-telechelic polymers or halatopolymers[4]. The end-groups of these polymers are ionic or ionizable like carboxylate or quaternary ammonium groups.

(Wikipedia, Telechelic Polymers, 4/19/2012)


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