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3. 8,389,100 
Temperature responsive smart textile 

Rock et al of  MMI-IPCO, LLC and Mide Technology Corporation, Massachusetts,  developed a smart textile fabric with a raised surface containing multicomponent fibers. The two different components have differential thermal elongations, which causes the multicomponent fibers to bend or curl and reversibly recover in response to changes in temperature, thereby adjusting insulation performance of the textile fabric in response to ambient conditions.  (RDC 3/19/2013)

2. 8,209,785 
Flame resistant fabric made from a fiber blend
Underwood and Cantin of the International Textile Group, Inc., North Carolina, developed fire resistant garments from a fiber blend containing meta-aramid fibers, fire resistant cellulose fibers, non-aromatic polyamide fibers, and optionally para-aramid fibers.  The non-aromatic polyamide fibers are present in an amount sufficient to dramatically improve the abrasion resistance of the fabric without adversely interfering with the flame resistant properties. In addition to abrasion resistance, the particular blend of fibers has also been found to dramatically improve or increase various other properties. In one embodiment, the fabric is made with a herringbone weave which has been found to unexpectedly improve tear properties and porosity. (RDC 7/3/2012)

1. 8,193,105 
Allergen barrier fabric
Goldberg of CleanBrands, Rhode Island, developed an allergen-barrier fabric by weaving yarns so that the resulting pore size is less than 1 micron. The finished fabric may also include exhibit consistent pore to pore variability. The finished fabric may exhibit an MVTR of at least 7,000 and a hydrostatic resistance of at least 10,000 mm. (RDC 6/26/2012)


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