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2. 8,287,270 
Methods and systems for thermoforming with billets
Lee, Kirouac and Piercy of Printpack Illinois Inc., Illinois, produced thermoformed articles from pre-cut thermoformable billets.  The system includes a heating apparatus for heating the billets, a billet thermoformer for thermoforming the billet into an article, a discharge system for evacuated the formed articles from the thermoformer, and an inspection system for inspecting each of the formed articles for the presence of a defect. Conveyors and billet carriers are provided for transporting the billets between the various components of the system, and loaders are provided for loading the billets onto the conveyor and/or billet carriers. (RDC 10/24/2012)

1. 8,231,954 
Thermoformed articles made from reactive extrusion products of biobased materials
Li, Tedford and Thoman of International Paper, Tennessee, developed a thermoformable composite by crosslinking polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) and poly lactic acid (PLA) twith other resins having: (a) a Ts value of up to about C.; and (b) a heat distortion index of up to about 160 C. The thermoformable composite is used to make a food or beverage cup, lid, cutlery item, foodservice item, molded tray, or food storage container. The thermoformable composite consists of 5 to 95 wt% PLA,  5 to 95 wt% PHA and 0.0 to 60 wt% additives.  The PLA and PHAs are crosslinked together by intermolecular means to enhance performance and processability. (RDC 8/10/2012)


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