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Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMWPE) Fibers


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3. 8,287,987 
Ballistic-resistant panel including high modulus ultra high molecular weight polyethylene tape
Lyons et al of BAE Systems Tensylon H.P.M., Inc., North Carolina, developed a ballistic-resistant panel in which the entire panel or a strike-face portion thereof is formed of a plurality of sheets of high modulus high molecular weight polyethylene tape. The sheets of high modulus polyethylene tape can be in the form of cross-plied laminated layers of tape strips or a woven fabric of tape strips. The strips of UHMWPE tape include a width of at least one inch and a modulus of greater than 1400 grams per denier. The ballistic-resistant panel may include a backing layer of conventional high modulus fibers embedded in resin. A wide variety of adhesives were found acceptable for bonding the cross-plied layers of high modulus polyethylene tape together for forming the ballistic-resistant panels of the present invention. (RDC 11/1/2012)

2. 8,137,809 
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene multifilament yarns, and process for producing thereof
Marissen et al of DSM IP Assets, Netherlands, developed a gel spun, ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) multifilament yarn a coefficient of variation of their linear density, hereafter CV.sub.intra, of less than 30%,. In the gel spinning process, a chamber is present before the spinning plate such that no further partitioning of the UHMWPE solution takes place before being finally partitioned into individual monofilaments by the spinning plate and in which chamber the solution has a residence time .tau. at a constant throughput of UHMWPE solution of at least 5 sec. (RDC 5/15/2012)

1. 8,128,778 
Method of making multilayered polyethylene material and ballistic resistant articles
Geva and Fuchs of DSM IP Assets, Netherlands, developed an antiballistic material consisting of unidirectionally oriented polyethylene monolayers cross-piled and compressed at an angle to one another.  Each polyethylene monolayer consists of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene and essentially devoid of other resins.  (RDC 4/17/2012)


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