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3. 8,287,684 
Foam welding and profile manufacturing system
Henderson et al of Nomaco Inc., North Carolina, developed a high speed welding system for fusing adjacent foam profiles in a continuous manufacturing operation, a unique, integrated, foam welding and profile manufacturing system is attained which is capable of producing virtually any desired foam product from foam extrusions without requiring the use of expensive molds or forming components, and which significantly reduces expensive scrap found in prior art construction systems. Sheet of foam are extruded with a complex shape such an I cross-section.  Sheets are placed in close contact and welded together with a moving hot wire or rod. (RDC 10/24/2012)

2. 8,257,038 
Metal injection joining
James of Siemens Energy, Inc., Florida, used metal powder in a polymer binder to join parts. The joint between the parts is a cavity which is filled with the powder and the mixture solidified.  The polymer is removed by heating and the metal powder solidified. (RDC 9/7/2012)

1. 8,240,544 
Introduction of nanoparticles
Danzer of Linde, Germany, joined objects made of metal, plastic or ceramic by means of heat input such as soldering or welding nanoparticles in the joint.  In addition, the gas stream can bring compounds to the joint which decompose at elevated temperature and deposit particles. (RDC 8/15/2012)


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