Riley, David W.

Extrusion Engineers
Phone or fax: 908-369-7260
858 Princeton Court
Neshanic Station, New Jersey

Nineteen years as a consultant in the field 
of Plastic Processing.

Forty years experience in developing
Polymer Defect Technology

Fifteen years in developing the field of
Plastic and Polymer coefficient of friction
Related to the feed section of the extruder


Research and development and plant 
technology on all thermoplastic materials 
for:Tenneco (PVC) late 70s

Scientific Process & Research 
(Friction Research Director) 76-78

General Cable Research and Production 
(Technology Manager--PE) 1967-1976

Western Electric-Buffalo 
(Sr. Development Engineer--PVC and PE) 

Union Carbide Silicones 
(Research Engineer) 1954-1960

E. I. DuPont de Nemours 
Polychemicals Dept. 
(Research Chemist--PE) 1951-1954

US Naval Officer

Goodyear Research 
(Research Chemist) 
Synthetic Rubber 1943-4, 6


PhD and MSc Physical Organic Chemistry
The Ohio State University (1946-1951)
BS in Chemistry, Tufts University 1943
Modern Physics and Creativity, 1963
Western Electric Graduate Engineering 
Training Center

Areas of Expertise

Expert Witness
Analytical Instrumentation Adaptation 
    to Processing Equipment
Melt Rheology
Friction Analysis
Extrusion Equipment: Desing & 
    Analysis of Production
Power Cables and Testing XLDPE
Telecommunication Cables and Insulaltion
PVC Compounding & Extrusion
Thermal Stability of Polymers
Surface Chemistry, Metals & Polymers
Polyethylene Analysis
    FTIR & Electrical

Publications (partial list)


“An Optical Determination of Melt
Viscosity Through Particle Kinematics”, by David
W. Riley, Extrusion Engineers & Andrew H.
Schall, Dynisco Polymer Testing, ANTEC
Preprints, May 4, New York Hilton

“The Effect of Lubricants on Processing-Part I;
Detection by PVC Melt Flow”  J. Vinyl & Additive
Technology, Vol. 5, #3, pp. 132-136, Sept. 1999

“Molecular Structural Changes Sensed by Melt Flow”,
 D. W. Riley & R. G. Pinette, Submitted to Journal of

“Effects of Additives on Polyoefin Rheology”,
Plastics Engineering, pp.49-52, June 1999                              **

“New Techniques for Analyzing Rigid Foamable
PVC Compounds” presented at the Foams 99 RETEC
in Parsippany, NJ October 20, 1999

“Structural Defects Detected” Presented at the
Thermal and Mechanical RETEC held at the
University of Delaware in Newark, November 2,


“Effects of Additives on Polyolefin Rheology”,
International Conference on

Additives for Polyolefins, February 25, Adams Mark
Hotel, Houston Texas     **

“The Power of Infrared Spectroscopy in Detecting
Molecular Structural Changes in High Density
Polyethylene Due to Processing”, D. W. Riley & A.
M. Hirt, The Chemist 75, #2, pp. 19-27  **


“Analysis of Polymers by On-Line Rheological
Instruments”, ANTEC Reprints, Volume 2, in
Toronto, Canada  **


“Troubleshooting the Extrusion Process”, Polymer
Modifiers & Additives Technical Conference on
What’s New and Review of Additives, October 21,
Ft. Mitchell, KY   **


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Properties of Polymers”, Polymer Modifiers &
Additives Technical Conference on Modifiers and
Additives, September 27, Reprint pp. 177-186   **


“Thermal/Mechanical Properties of Vinyl
Compounds”, Vinyl 201: a Comprehensive
Processing Update Technical Conference, Atlanta
GA, September 22


“Morale and Ethical Issues in Consulting”, The
, November, p. 16

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New Techniques for Analyzing Rigid Foamable 
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Structural Defects Detected, U. Delaware, 
Nov. 2, 1999

Significant Achievements

Invented Analytical Engineering, a term devoted 
to a scientific analysis of production primarily 
in the field of extrusion

Invented an extrusion rate controller which 
cut the product temperature variability by 
an order of magnitude on a 150 mm extruder, 
significantly improving the quality control in 
a $40 million wire and cable facility.

Designed an extruder screw which saved the wire 
and cable company $360,000/year in production 

Invented “Flow Vision”, an instrument on-line 
for inspecting polymer melts for gels, voids, 
contamination and any other heterogeneity.

Invented a rheological tool for measuring 
the degree of shear damage done to 
polymers during processing. 
This includes the level of fragmentation 
and the incipient crosslinking in processing
 as function of shear rate.

Developed ASTM Methods for analyzing plastics:
    D 3364 Melt Flow Analyzer
    D 3591 Analysis of Formulated PVC
    D 5576 Structural Entities in Polyolefins by IR
    D 5477 Polymer Layers or Inclusions by IR.

Professional Societies

Fellow, American Insitute of Chemists

Fellow, American Association for the 
Advancement of Science

Fellow, American Society for Testing and 
Materials (ASTM)

Fellow, Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE)

Certified Professional Chemist & 
Chemical Engineer By National 
Certification Commission

Life Senior Member, Institute of Electrical 
and Electronic Engineers

Emeritus Member, American Chemical Society

Member, Society of Applied Spectroscopy

Member, Society of Rheology

Distinguished Member and Past President 
and Councilor of the Palisades Section 
of SPE

Past Councilor and Past Chairman 
of the Polymer Modifiers and Additives 
Division of SPE

Currently Councilor for the Polymer 
Analysis Division of SPE

Section Chairman on Molecular Parameters &
Spectroscopy of ASTM Committee D 20 
on Plastics

Past Chairman, Subcommittee D 20.70 on
Analytical Methods


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